What’s this site all about?

The accommodations night shift generally begins their day around 11 PM.

I just happened to be in the lobby of a local motel when a couple arrived late at night. They spoke of car problems and delays and arrived hours later than expected. As they were checking in, they asked if there was someplace to eat before going to bed. The night clerk could offer nothing more than a shrug and an “I dunno”. That poor customer service was the key that started my research to create this index. No matter where you stay in our region, I did the research to make sure you could find everything you need so your stay in our region is unforgettable.

There are hundreds of great eateries to select during the day, but most have closed by the time the night shift begins. You can search many online sites or ask Siri to find what is open right now near you, but you miss a lot of options. It can get frustrating to search online lists and dig through just to find those that are still open.

The months of research to create this site already sifted through all those lists. Nice to know there are quite a number of venues still available well into the night, including several 24 hour options. This guide is designed to help our area visitors, tourists and guests find their way to all those late night food options based on where you stay in town.

The lists include all known venues in town that are open at least to midnight, at least part of the week. They are grouped in categories, including 24 hour restaurants, 24 hour grocery stores and late night food and entertainment venues, sorted by mileage from every listed accommodation to every listed food venue.

When you select your accommodation first, the list is sorted by mileage from your chosen location. We provide a free version up to 10 miles for all identified in town accommodations. Sponsored lists include all known late night food options in town. I am working on adding late night food delivery services for specific connections. Details are included in the accommodations listings as they are added.

If you regularly travel to our region, there is an extra benefit of our researched accommodation list. We invite you to browse the available accommodations in our region. It includes names, websites and contact information for all identified motels, hotels, bed & breakfast inns, cabins, campgrounds, hostels and vacation homes as researched from hundreds of websites to create this cross reference index. You can find many very nice accommodations you may not have even considered for your future visits. Worth a look for your next trip to our region.

If you find any error or omission anyplace on this site, please feel free to let me know so I can get it corrected. My goal is to help you find all that is available overnight no matter what your late night cravings might be. Please use our Contact Us page.

Welcome to our region. Hope I’ve done my part to help you enjoy your stay.

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