Food Service Providers

The NightClerkFoodService website is designed to help travelers find the closest food resources that are still open late at night.

  • If the end customer clicks your name, they are taken directly to your website.

On mobile phones:

  • if they click your address, a map pops up to take them there and
  • clicking your phone number allows them to call without dialing.

The only requirements to be included in this online directory are that

  • each listed food provider must be open with food service available at least to midnight at least part of each week and
  • must be within ten miles of at least some of the local accommodations.

A list for each accommodation is sorted by mileage from that location.

  • The farther down the list, the greater the mileage they need to travel to get there.
  • Your position in each list depends on how far away you are from that location.
  • Your information is included in the free listings up to 10 miles from your location.

Note: Mileage was collected from Google Map research.

  • We noted significant map errors during that research and the mileage is not precise.
  • Posted mileage figures are only estimates at this time.
  • Corrections are only possible if you join the delivery services option, so we can actually record true mileage on deliveries.
  • The added notation “Average Mileage from this location to any destination in Asheville” is based on the overall researched averages from your door to all accommodations and businesses.

Due to requests received during our research, we have also been adding employer locations that have third shift employees.

  • Each employer third shift page also include local food resources sorted by category and mileage from that location.
  • As we add 3rd shift employers, your free listing will be added to those within ten miles of your location, sorted by mileage.

Your listing is free for the ten mile range, as a customer service to the end users. There is no obligation to do anything more. However, we would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to make sure we have the correct information on display to represent what you have to offer. If we have somehow goofed in our research, or if you change your hours of operation or make any other change, we need your help to keep your listing up to date.

In an effort to control spam, simply copy this questionaire to the message block on the Contact Us page.  Include at least your business name and location and the details you want to update. You do not have to enter anything that is not being changed.


  • 24 Hr Restaurant
  • 24 Hr Grocery
  • 24 Hr Convenience Stores
  • Late Night Food & Entertainment

Business Name

Street Address

City, State, Zip Code

Phone number

Fax Number

Website URL

Hours of Operation

ADDED DETAILS NEEDED for all services:

Is Food available to closing?

If no, latest food service time?

Can you accept orders over your website?

Can you accept payments over your website?

Do You Offer Take Out?

Do you offer Delivery Service?

If yes to deliveries, maximum distance?

One Word Description of Cuisine? (requested for quick searches)

Summary description to entice customers to visit.


Email address


After all, the whole idea is to get those travelers to find you during their brief stay and become your customer. Third Shift Employees as your customers are an added bonus. An accurate listing will make a difference.

We are seeking site sponsors to help us keep this information available for travelers and overnight employees and to continuously improve the program.

Food Provider Site Sponsor Subscription and Agreement

Subscribe as a site sponsor for only $25.00 per month. Subscribe once and Paypal will automatically charge the monthly fee when due. You may cancel at any time. There is no long term contract. We use Paypal as a third party for all transactions. We do not see the private details you provide to Paypal. This form is secured on the Paypal website.

Site sponsors receive these added benefits

  • Your listing is added to all remaining accommodation and third shift display pages
  • Your listing is displayed in Bold to indicate your business as a site sponsor.
  • You may choose to opt in to our late night food delivery program.

Opt in Late Night Food Delivery Services

  • Delivery services are offered to locations listed in our index that are 10 miles or closer to your business who have also agreed to allow us to make deliveries to their guests. No mileage extensions.
  • For security reasons, night time delivery services are not offered outside of this network.
  • There is no employer/employee relationship. This is merely a delivery service as a third party provider.
  • Delivery services are offered for hot or cold food and non alcoholic beverages only.
  • If the food service accepts a take out order for delivery, food service must remain open until the driver can pick up the order. All employees are expected to know about and cooperate with delivery services.
  • Delivery Fee is added to your food invoice — Flat Rate $10 per delivery. You must call us for delivery as orders are received at (828) 974-4227
  • Either your website must be secured or you must be able to accept phone payments at the time orders are submitted.  You must collect the charges at the time food is ordered and forward the delivery charge to us with each sale. Any applicable Bank fees should be deducted before remitting the balance of the delivery fee.
  • If your website is not secured, or if you are not able to collect when the order is placed, we can not provide delivery services.

Exceptions should be expected along the way.

  • If you as the food provider incorrectly fills a food order, the food provider may make the second delivery on their own, or the food provider must pay the second delivery fee for us to make a second delivery.
  • If the delivery driver messes up an order, we must pay you for replacing the food order and covering the second delivery attempt at our own expense.
  • If the customer is a no show or fails to pay, the delivery cannot be completed. This is the reason the food service collects charges in advance as they accept any order. Transported food cannot be returned to the restaurant due to health regulations. The delivery driver must notify the food provider immediately, and the food provider may direct the driver on how to dispose of any undeliverable products.

If you choose to join the delivery service network, please copy and paste this content in the message block on the contact us page , complete the form questions and submit to activate the delivery system for your products.

We have read and agree to the delivery service details and wish to offer this on call service to the local accommodations and third shift employees.

Please confirm which payment form you will be using:

  • We have a secured website and agree to accept payment in advance, including the delivery fee and agree to electronically forward the delivery fees (minus transaction fees) to NightClerkFoodService as received.
  • We do not have a secured website, but agree to accept phone in orders and advance payments including the delivery fee and agree to electronically forward the delivery fees (minus transaction fees) to NightClerkFoodService as received.

Business Name

Business Address

City, State, Zip


Delivery Agreement Authorized by





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