What do we mean by Average Mileage in Asheville?

When you get ready to go somewhere in Asheville and head out to your car, you will be driving various distances, depending on your starting point and your destination. An average in town trip from anywhere in town to anywhere in town turns out to be about 6.9 miles, based on the average of all accommodations to restaurants researched for this guide.

The average mileage for your accommodation is based on your location as the starting point and mileage to destinations all over the city. Your own trips may be more or less than your accommodation average but the longer you stay, the closer you will get to that estimated average for all your in town trips. This detail may not have any impact on where you choose to stay but you may want to be aware of the average distances to likely destinations during your visit.

The whole point of this site is to help visitors, travelers, guests and tourists find their way around town, particularly late at night when most businesses have already closed for the evening. Our research includes all food related businesses that advertise late night or 24 hour service in this entire community, and every form of accommodation we could locate. We researched the mileage from every accommodation to every food service to find those places closest to each; nearly 12,000 connections.

Both the accommodations and the food services included in our research are in every part of the city. When all destinations are averaged by mileage from each accommodation, we were able to calculate the average mileage from that accommodation to any part of the city. Some had an average trip of less than 4 miles. Some had an average trip of over 15 miles. This average takes into account an increased likelihood that you will be heading downtown more often than other areas of the city simply because there is more there. Those already downtown have many trips measured by feet or tenths of a mile included in their own unique travel averages. As a result, businesses located in the downtown area have a lower citywide traveling average than a business located, for example, on Airport Rd.

All accommodations included in this guide are within 10 miles or less of some of the food services we researched. Surrounding area accommodations were also researched, but those that are not within 10 miles of at least some of the local food services were intentionally not included in this in town directory since they are not actually within the community.

Average Accommodations within 10 miles of any Food Service Vendor: 131

Average Food Service Vendors within 10 miles of any accommodation: 50

67 late night/24 Hr Restaurants & grocery stores cross referenced with 174 area accommodations. Overall average 6.9 miles.

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